AirPods! 20 Amazing Things You Can Do With Them

AirPods! 20 Amazing Things You Can Do With Them

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The hidden airpods features everyone needs to know to unlock the airpods full potential on all its useful tips and tricks.

1:00 Apple TV & Mac
1:30 Pair to (Non)iPhones
2:05 Gaming consoles
2:22 Double Tap Customized
2:42 Rename AirPods
2:57 Auto ear depiction
3:31 Microphone
3:51 Audio sharing
4:35 Apple Watch quick connect
4:53 Battery status
5:35 Hey Siri
6:15 Find your AirPods
6:50 Volume Control
7:07 Live listening
7:44 Simulate transparency mode
8:18 Change EQ
8:37 Volume limit
8:45 Soundcheck
9:23 Wrong AirPods message
9:39 Force connect
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