Asurion iPhone Replacement Unboxing

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So I got a replacement phone since my old iPhone 6 had fell and broke. The new phone I got was 128GB In Gold!

Hopefully you enjoy this video!

I upload videos whenever I have time!

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Jean Carlos Ruiz says:

Pérdida de tiempo

Brandon K. says:

How fast did it come?

kiran deepak says:

will they replace my iphone 6 which is cracked. and it was opened by me.

Dodger Flodgerr says:

How long did it take to get sent bAck to you ?

chabelita punk says:

how much did they charge???

Kira says:

I just noticed my old iPhone 6 was refurbished after I broke it and got a new one. I didn’t even know. Felt knew.

Martell Tha Cool says:

Asurion sucks

Sense of Humor says:

Did you need to return your phone to them

lookin4zinc says:

How long did it take to get the new phone?

malcolm garrett says:

So they gave you a bigger phone?

ROUSH4203 says:

Refurbished phones get new cases and just swapped out the internals to save cost

greg b says:

ASHURRION ARE CRIMINALS IMUPOSTERS AND FUCKERS traiyng to do harm to all of u dont trust !!!!!

Gerry Garcia says:

Imei : 35929806 013289**

Maria E. Brennan says:

I ended up getting silver white New from them as well I am stuck for 8 more months but I do like it 64gb

POV Travel Channel says:

i thought it was 200$ deductible

Maria E. Brennan says:

They won't give you new unless your model or color not in stock

Clay Crawford says:

Did you have to return the old one?

ausguy1976 says:

what a heap of boring bullshit!


my iphone 6 have hanging prblm and overheating i went 2 times service centre but they r not doing replacement i have videos also of hanging and heating. wat can i do to my ipjone 6 that they can easily swap it????

topsquid says:

I'm glad they sent you a real iphone6.  The replacement Asurion sent me was "not an iPhone" per the rep at the apple store I went to when the phone was acting weird.  Per the rep, the screen is not an apple screen (showed me serial #, not an apple part), and then he pointed out the apple logo on the back of my phone was a sticker cemented on the back of the phone, when the logo on real apple phone is not above the case, its etched.  Feel it.    I felt it and brought my phone to a Sprint store….They are giving me a new phone on Wednesday.

jackie choloh says:

did you ask for a new color instead

Mykah hemann says:

How much did you pay I have the iPhone 6s and I fell into a lake😭😭😭 how much was it

Joshua George says:

What carrier were you on?

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