AT&T (Kind Of) GAVE ME A FAKE IPHONE!! Is your iPhone legit?

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AT&T’s Insurance Provider gave me a less than legitimate iPhone 6 Plus after a claim, 6 months later it breaks, and Apple breaks the bad news..

MAC Address Lookup:
Apple Warranty Lookup:

Has this happened to you? Do you see something I don’t? Do you disagree with my points? Share in the comments below!


Alex aka Weekenders says:

I just got my replacement phone from assurian (atts insurance) I looked it over and instantly knew it was fake. Pissed me off so bad. I called and told them it was fake and they're sending a new one.

DTK Steph says:

i have a gold and white 7 and it showed a black one but when i put my mac address in it said the samething urs said

ventura80503 says:

I had to replace my 6splus and ended up getting a replacement… the replacement they sent me had a yellow spot on the top right of he screen. So they ended up sending me another one but guess what this one does not charge unless the cable is bent upwards… I might need to call them and just get an upgrade

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