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If your iphone 7 / iphone 7 plus microphone is not working your going to want to

1. Test it using voice memos
2. Also try testing it by using siri
3. Remove an iphone case
4. Clean the microphone off
5. Turn off noise cancellation
6. Restart your iphone
7. Reset your iphone
8. Update to the latest os


LifesInterlude says:

Mine says no audio found

Paul Ponziani says:

This says "Fix" in the title, yet all you offer are tips to test and troubleshoot…

jimjames, paul and tyrone says:

So..on my 7, when I go to
‘General’ then
There’s no option for
‘Phone Noise Cancellation’.
I’ll type that in the search bar on my phone and it comes up, so I click it.
I’m directed to my phones accessibility page where the words
“Phone Noise Cancellation” do not goddamn exist.
Kindly tell me, what the fuck?

Jay Islam says:

Has anyone fixed the issue? Im on the iPhone 7 Plus and iOS 11.4.1.

Simply_Charxx says:

My phone mic is not working at all and that “Phone noise cancelation” is not in my settings….

Patricia Pitogo says:

My microphone works on voice memo and on the camera app. But when I’m on the phone/FaceTime/facetime audio, the other person on the line can’t hear me. Also when I take videos on Snapchat you can hear a little bit of my voice but almost in a muffled way. I have tried resetting my phone back to factory settings etc. ( as well as taken off my phone case )I now have to use my earphones mic whenever I answer a call just for the other line to hear me properly. What do i do???

Riley Morecraft-Upoko says:

Thank you for this video!! I’m mic is working again thank you again 🙌🙌

Famzy says:

when i plug headphones in, my phone does not recognize it at all. any way to fix that?


I'm surprised this video helped anyone as it makes no useful suggestion

Balil Barnett says:

Found a temporary fix ; Only Way it Work is With Bluetooth Headsets; Go to Settings , General ,accessibility, call audio routing Select Bluetooth only .. You will be able to Ft & hear people and they can hear you when you ; ONLY WORKS WITH BLUETOOTH HEADSETS

Mrgetdough 247 says:

Does anyone have solution for it i have a iphone 7 plus and cant hear the caller nor can they hear me and i cant recoed voicd messges on imessge, fb, snapchat, i also can record but there wont be sound if i post anything on my story mic doesnt work at all not even at voice memos and recording with camera for photos on gallery

GlamMom2Boyz says:

I have no phone noice cancelation option…. seriously not there

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