iPhone 7 plus water damage repair

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Did you recently jump in the pool? Drop your phone in the bath, or a cup of water?
Now it does not power on, or fail to connect to a computer,battery drain fast, battery won’t charge beyond 1% or 85% ? Then we need to repair it! We have a very good success rate for repairing these phones, and we’ll do our very best to bring it back to life!


Jorge Pena says:

to much why you just change the motherboard .

Linh Nguyen says:

Can you explain more detail how to use multimeter in this case? Like how to determine which capacitor needs to be replaced? And which type of capacitor that we need? Thanks very much

lovely Stephany says:

hello please i have the same problem too and what can you do to help me.?

Kdauer123 says:

What liquid did you put on the motherboard in the beginning??

Steve Martin says:

Instead of the music which is poor boom boom boom what about some comments and no shots of your fingers blocking what you doing

Muhammed Cm says:

Ear speaker not working water damage problem is all speakers and headphones and

Van Santos says:

How much do you guys charge and what's the turn around time?  Please let me know.

f quraishy says:

Way to hard for someone who isn't a technician

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