Part 1 Cracked iPhone 7 Plus Screen? Watch What Happens When You Try To Use T-Mobile Insurance

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Watch as Matthew Heines tries to get a replacement phone on his T-Mobile insurance after his iPhone 7 screen got cracked the first day out of the box! As you will see from the company itself, T-Mobile sells insurance but whatever it is for, it has nothing to do with fixing or replacing iPhones. Watch the three day ordeal with T-Mobile condensed into just 13 minutes and 13 seconds as they transfer Matthew Heines from one company to another. Please subscribe and share this with as many people as possible so they can be warned and Matthew Heines can afford to fix his phone. Thank you. Actually, it would help even more if, after you subscribe and share this with everyone you know, please go to the following link and see if some of Matthew’s GREAT BOOKS about history and his secret life in the Middle East don’t interest you.


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