Unboxing iPhone 6s Plus att

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Unboxing iPhone 6s Plus from insurance claim. I have att carrier and insurance for $10.99 month. I cracked my screen and they sent me a new one within 24 hours. Fast shipping and no money down now. $199.00 billed to my phone bill

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Lehi 33341 says:

Nice review

Anna Eaddy says:

did you pay insurance monthly? if so, how much?

Taylor Davis says:

I don't like ATT because they lie obviously

Wxnter says:

I have at&t but we phenomenon you go it give you the regular box I thought

latitia almyty says:

Thanks for the video learned a lot! Your hair looks very pretty!!

IAM_Chaka says:

@cupcake anon how much it would have been if i went to apple

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